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MTS Society

NOTE! The paper submission deadline is August 10th, 2007

Please remember to confirm receipt of the acceptance e-mail by clicking on the link identified within the acceptance e-mail and entering your login information.

Any author who has not received the notification email sent on July 11, 2007 should contact the Technical Program Chair immediately at technical@oceans07mtsieeevancouver.org.

Please read these guides before proceeding:

Instructions for Paper Submission:

1) Compose your manuscript. The paper should not exceed 10 pages, including figures. The paper must be in letter size (8 1/2 by 11 inches).  Please do not include any blank page at the end of the paper.

2) Compose your paper in accordance to the formatting and style requirements established for the Proceedings of the Conference.  To assist you in the preparation of your paper, we have prepared the following downloadable instructional templates:

Microsoft Word 1-Column template | Microsoft Word 2-Column template

LaTeX template

3) Proofread and check layout of paper (it is highly recommended that you do this BEFORE going to IEEE PDF eXpress.)

4) Familiarize yourself with IEEE PDF eXpress. IEEE PDF eXpress is an online tool that will convert your document into a PDF format that complies with IEEE Xplore®, a new OCEANS conference formatting convention.  It also has other features that may be useful to you.

5) Log in to IEEE PDF eXpress. You will need to create a new user account for this conference.

The conference ID is oceans07

For technical questions pertaining to the use of IEEE PDF eXpress, contact pdfsupport@ieee.org or via phone at 1 732-465-5888. Support hours are M-F 800-530 EST.

6) Following the instructions after logging in to IEEE PDF eXpress, upload your document source file for conversion (highly recommended) or your PDF file for compliance checking. Once your paper is properly formatted, you will receive a certification in the form of an e-mail from PDF eXpress (please be patient, this process takes 5 to 20 minutes). Your PDF eXpress-compliant document will be included as an attachment to this email. This will be the file you upload to the conference web site.

7) Email a copy of the PDF eXpress certification email (without the pdf attachment) to the Technical Program Chair at technical@oceans07mtsieeevancouver.org. You are now ready to upload your paper.

8) Submit your final PDF eXpress-compliant document via the Abstract Submission page identified in your acceptance e-mail, using the login information listed within that e-mail. The deadline for all submissions is August 10th  2007. Please allow time to familiarize yourself with the formatting (IEEE PDF eXpress) and uploading process (you are allowed up to three uploads). Manuscripts sent via e-mail will not be processed.

9) The new paper upload process will automatically take you through the electronic copyright transfer process, newly implemented for OCEANS'07 Vancouver.

10) Acknowledgment of our receipt of your paper will be sent to you by e-mail. Receipt of your manuscript by this Conference, together with the IEEE Copyright Form and the IEEE PDF eXpress certification, constitutes release for open publication. No cancellation of such release is permissible.

11) Any paper not accompanied by a registration will not appear in the final program and conference proceedings and will be withdrawn from the technical program. The registration must be accomplished by August 15th  2007.

Click here for Conference Registration

If you have any questions about the paper submission process, please contact:

Michael Wrinch, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. 
Technical Program Chair
OCEANS'07 MTS/IEEE - Vancouver




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