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MTS Society

The Student Poster Program and Competition has been an integral and important part of the OCEANS Conferences since 1989. The program is designed to foster and promote student involvement in technical societies and conferences and to provide a forum for the student to interact with marine professionals.  It is open to engineering and science graduate and undergraduate students of any tertiary level university or college worldwide. The posters on display have been selected from 53 submitted abstracts from schools in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.  The program has been supported by a grant from the US Navy Office of Naval Research. The posters will be judged by a panel of judges and prices will be awarded at the Conference Banquet.  The posters will be on display in the Exhibition area throughout the OCEANS Conference. They will be on display from 2:00 - 5:00 PM on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday and Thursday.  Students will be at their posters during breaks and free periods.  You are invited and encouraged to view the posters and talk with the students. The roster of students and poster titles are:

Mahmoud Aildadi - University of British Columbia
"Numerical Investigations of the Effects of Towing Tank Walls on Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine"

Ryan J. Bell - College of Marine Science, St. Petersburg, FL
"Simultaneous Pressure-Corrected Dissolved Gas Profiles in the Gulf of Mexico Determined using an In-Situ Membrane Inlet Underwater Mass Spectrometer"

Jonathan Byron - University of Rhode Island
"Designing a Vertical/Horizontal AUV for Deep Ocean Sampling"

Yin-Jun Chen - National Chia-Yi University, Taiwan
"Ordered CSMA: A collision-free MAC protocol for underwater acoustic networks"

Karen Leigh Dreger - University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL
"Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Seagrass Monitoring"

Arthur C.R. Gleason - University of Miami, Florida
"Automated classification of underwater multispectral imagery for coral reef monitoring"

Matthew Kai Johnson-Robertson - University of Sidney, NSW, Australia
"Generating Visually Consistent Benthic Surface Meshes Using Visual Features"

Windell Jones - University of Hawaii at Manoa
"NUROV: The Network-controlled Underwater Remote Observation Vehicle"

Thibaut Lurton - ENST Bretagne, France
"A Simulation of the Synthetic Aperture Rada Observation of a Manufactured Object in Sea Clutter using Finite Differences"

Hayato Mizushima - The University of Tokyo
"Autonomous recognition of bubble plumes for navigation of undwerwater robots in active shallow vent areas"

Donald T. Murray - UW-Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute, WI
"Monitoring and Controlling System Performance In the Pioneer Buoy"

Paul Rigby - Australian Center for Field Robotics - University of Sidney, Australia
"Effective Benthic Surveys with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"

Marcos Manuel Sastre - UMASS School of Marine Science and Technology
"Measurements of the turbulent microstructure of a buoyant salinity plume using acoustics: Field observations and theory validation"

Nayrah Shalout - National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Alexandria, Egypt
"The distribution of CO2 partial pressure and air-sea CO2 flux in El-Mex Bay, Alexandria, Egypt"

Sergio Rui Silva - Porto University, Portugal
"An Autonomous Boat Based Synthetic Aperture Sonar"

Andrea Verena Striz - Franklin Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA
"Design, Construction and Field Testing of an Autonomous Surface Craft for Engineering and Science Education"

Moinuddin Syed - Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola - Karlskrona, Sweden
"K omega beamformng implementation on ibm cell processor"

Daniel G. Walker - MIT, Cambridge, MA
"XAUV: A Modular Highly Maneuverable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle"

Yonggang Wang - Harbin University, Harbin, China
"Adaptive Modulation in OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communication"

Chris Watts - University of Glasgow, Scotland
"Biomimetic Propulsions Systems for Mini-Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"

Michelle Weirathmueller - University of  New Hampshire, Durham, NH
"Acoustic Positioning and Tracking in Portsmouth Harbour, New Hampshire"


Norman D. Miller, P.Eng.
Student Posters Chair
MTS-IEEE Oceans 2007 Vancouver Steering Committee
IEEE/OES Student Activities Coodinator at n.miller@ieee.org.
e-mail:  n.miller@ieee.org




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